May 24, 2015

"Say 'Prunes'...Say 'SEX'...

Seriously, ain't she CUTE??!!???

"Say 'Prunes'....Say 'Sex' "
Wayne, Pennsylvania

Blogging worlds collided on Sunday when one of my favorite Boston bloggers came to visit her dad in the Philly area.  We met for breakfast at a local diner.  Three hours worth of gabbing later I had to say good bye and let her return to her dad who was gracious enough to share her with me.  Yep, that's Adrienne from "My Memory Art".  If you don't know Adrienne, do yourself a favor and hop on over to her blog to see some gorgeous photography AND read her fabulous insights. Try it, you'll like it.

I've "known" Adrienne for about four years now.  But we had never met in person.  And I'm so glad to say what you see and read on her blog IS indeed genuine.  She is what she is, both in blogland AND in person.  Dang I wish we lived closer to each other because I think we could easily be besties.  EXCEPT for that whole Boston Red Sox thang!  We all have our flaws.

Lots of talking.  Lots of laughs.  When it was all said and done, we ventured out of the diner to our cars and realized we should take a photo. Natch conclusion considering the photo geeks we are.  But Adrienne was the brains when it came to the idea.  There was a family group in the parking lot and I snagged I THINK the oldest women in the group and we asked if she could take our photo.  No long as I could tell her which button to push on my Iphone.  Oh boy, "selfies" might be in our very near future.

Let's just say the first shot was NOT complimentary due to my reaction to her "Say Prunes!" prompt.  The next shot was a bit better to her second prompt attempt..."Say SEX!".  Truth is, it wasn't the first time I laughed at the mention of sex, and truth is it probaby won't be the last time.  I yam, what I yam.

A morning of laughs with a new OLD friend.  It doesn't get much better.  Thanks Adrienne!

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