September 18, 2014

The journey...

"It is good to have an end to journey toward,
but it is the journey that matters, in the end."

-Ernest Hemingway

"The Journey"
University City Train Station
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I've been on a 29 year journey.  A 29 year journey that is going to take an abrupt turn in two days.  In two days I will Chinese Fire-Drill my way from the driver's seat to the back seat.  Thing #1 is getting married.  God bless my soon-to-be Thing #1.1, as my journey with my son has often had me wishing upon him a Thing just like him.  My wedding gift to my daughter-in-law should be a lifetime supply of hair color, should my wish (and karma) become true.  Instead, I will wish upon her more patience and good sense than I had along my journey.

The journey has been bumpy.  It has been adventurous.  It has been fun.  It has been maddening.  It has  had some "I don't like you" moments. But it has always been full of love.  The journey has molded and defined both of us.  Along the way I have thanked God for the gift.  But I have also thanked the creators of central air conditioning so that my windows remained shut, and the neighbors couldn't hear my yelling at times.  I do not profess for one moment to have been a perfect parent.  It is a journey.  And I do not profess one moment to have the perfect son.  It is a journey.  What I most definitely DO profess is having a son whom I am so immensely proud of the man he has become.  Angst, and grey hair, sometimes pay off in dividends.  And I will also tell you that Thing #1 has the beginnings of a bald spot himself...I'm sure in which I am to blame.

So in two days, I hand over the steering wheel to the new co-pilots.  Marriage, like parenthood, is a journey and not a destination.  So many treasures to be found all along the path...not just at the end.  May their ride be comprised of few bumps and detours.  May their central air conditioning work at full capacity.  May their gas tank be full for the long haul.  And may they know their parents are available for directions to be yelled from the backseat if needed and asked for.  

It's all in the journey. Love ya bunches kiddo.


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