October 20, 2014

Song-ography, the 'Perfect Day' edition...

"Just a perfect day,
problems all left alone."

- Perfect Day (Lou Reed)

"Just a Perfect Day"
Longwood Gardens 
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Not sure how Autumn has been strutting her stuff in other parts of the country.  But she is putting on one heck of a show here on the East Coast.  Took advantage of a perfect day this past weekend, and ventured out to Longwood Gardens with the Better Half.  Hate to admit I'd never been there before.  But I readily admit I will be back.  Weekenders on our own, it's such fun.  Yep, just a perfect Autumn day.


I'm challenging you with next Tuesday's Song-ography.  As always, your only limit is your creativity and interpretation.  But I think this one could be fun.  Looking forward to seeing what you can do with...

Mary Lambert

Thanks for stopping by and linking up to Song-ography.  Can't wait to see how "Perfect Day" inspired you photographically this week.  If you hear any songs that YOU think would make for a good Song-ography challenge, please don't hesitate to let me know!  

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