August 21, 2014

When in Chi-town... can't help be a fan of Da Bears Bean.

"Da Bean"
Millennium Park
Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago's Millennium Park and created by British artist Anish Kapoor.  It is officially named "Cloud Gate" but referred to lovingly as "The Bean".... for obvious reasons.

"Me and My Shadow"

"Time for a Facebook Status Update"

110 tons.  66 feet long.  33 feet high.  Inspired by liquid mercury.  It's mirrored surface offers a myriad of photo possibilities.  Yet it's hard to come up with a vision, a view, a perspective that hasn't already been photographed umpteen gazillion times.  Even harder when you don't want to hold up your friends who are waiting patiently for you.  I gave it a Chi-town effort nonetheless.

"The Belly of the Bean and Rico Suave' "
Chicago, Illinois

Yep, that's the Better Half looking all Rico Suave' in the lower right hand corner.  Gotta thank him for his effort to give me an "unique" shot.  

"Reflections, Skyline and Sunshine"
Chicago, Illinois

I wonder what time I would have to come back to get da Bean all to myself.  So many photo possibilities.  So little time.  So many people.  I shall return.  

P.S.  I wanna thank my Bestie for laying down some roots in such an awesome city!  Giving me plenty of reasons to keep on comin' back.  The Better Half thanks you!

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