July 27, 2015

"The ocean...

"A picture in grey
Dorian Gray
Just me by the sea.

And I felt like a star
I felt the world could go far
If they listened 
To what  I said.

Washes my feet
Washed my feet
Splashes the soul of my shoes."

-The Ocean (U2)

"The Ocean"
Stone Harbor, New Jersey


So life's about to hit the fan around here.  My shoes will gather no moss, once August hits. I'm off on a couple of jaunts AND most important of all...I will be packing up and sending off Thing #3 for her next venture...college.  Cue sad "Empty Nest Syndrome" music.  I admit, I'm feeling anticipatory sympathy for the Better Half as he will have a double whammy to deal with, the absence of Thing #3 AND the melancholy of Moi.  It won't be pretty. Given all that August will put on my plate, I have decided to give Song-ography a vacay for the month.  Song-ography will return on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST.  And because it will be the first Tuesday of a month, a prompt will be given (should you decide to use it, or photograph to your own music)...

"Go Big or Go Home"
American Authors

So please remember to mark your calendars for Song-ography's return on September 1st.  Thanks to all who stop by, leave a comment, join in. All are appreciated.  I look forward to visiting those who link up to see whatcha been up to!

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