September 3, 2015

"Carpe month-em...

"Seize the day month"

"Seize the Day Month"

...or something like that.  I'm referring to the month formerly known as August.  I stepped away from the camera (for the most part) AND the blogging (for the whole part), and stopped to smell the posies..and other things.


Lots of happenings.  Lots of changes.  Lots of transitions to fit into 31 days.  The Canon appreciated the downtime too, as I relied mostly on my trusty IPhone to document the waning days of both summer AND my relatively full nest.  So many feathers, so little time to enjoy them. Thank you for putting up with my blogging absence.  Here's a quick peak at what I was up to.

First, I felt sorry for myself as I knew my "New Normal" of feathering an empty nest came crashing down upon me.  As I'm prone to do in these situations...I did my part to stimulate the economy.  I'm a patriot first and foremost, which means I rise above my personal feelings of despair to shop for shoes, manicures, alcoholic refreshments, and overall pampering with family and friends.

"Mama Got Herself Some New Shoes"


"Brewed in Dublin, Drank in Ambler"

Because mama needs new threads when she takes her two girls to Vegas to see Thing #3's "Mainstream Guilty Pleasure"...Britney.  Yeah, since we were gonna be there anyway I also managed to snag a room with a pretty good view to kill at the Bellagio AND tickets to see the Beatles' Cirque du Soleil "Love".  It was Thing #3's combo "Congrats you graduated High School/Please Don't Leave Me" present.

"Oops I Did It Again"

I managed to sneak in a few moments with that OTHER favorite Brit of mine...Rod "Yes, I've told him lately that I love him" Stewart (I doubt he even notices me!).

"The Beating of my Heart"
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Vegas Baby"

Then I flew home.  Unpacked.  Did laundry.  And repacked for a wedding in Tahoe.  Never been there before.  Soooooo looking forward to it, and spending time with my "West Coast Posse" (more on Tahoe and Squaw Valley to come).  I left Thing #3 with instructions, "Make sure you are all packed up and ready to go to college upon my return".

"Squaw Valley Nuptuals"

"Wedding Selfie"
Squaw Valley, California
NOT IPhone

(Wish I can take photo credit for this, but I can't.  Because my IPhone sucks and I had to rely on my friend and her Android to snag this shot.  FYI, as soon as I hit 'post' on this blog post, I'm off to stimulate the economy the phone store).

"Say Chardonnay!"

"One of These Things Is Not Like the Other"
(Love my West Coast posse BUT...sometimes this East Coast girl kinda sticks out)

Oh...and those instructions I left for Thing #3 upon my departure for Tahoe?  You know, the whole "get packed and be ready to go to college" thang? Welcome home Mom!

"As Good As It Gets"

And despite having all this crap necessary items, we STILL needed to venture to Target for one last run.  Which is when I discovered I have apparently been seriously underestimating the fun and creative opportunities my local Target can provide.

"Target Humor"
(I can only take credit for the photo)

August 22, 2015.   The day forever known as "WTF Day".  The day it all fit into the car.  The day Thing #3 smiled a bit TOO happily.  The day my dogs realized  "Oh no....they are stuck with ME".  The day my youngest officially became part of the Penn State Family.  The day I began my "New Normal"...sans feathers in my  nest.

"It Fits, It Really REALLY Fits!"

"No, the Dogs Can't Go"

"Welcome Home"
State College, Pennsylvania

And that my friends, is my "Carpe Month-em" in an IPhone nutshell.  Exhale.  And you know what? My empty nest ain't so bad.  Of course, I'm still cleaning the mess left behind.  The good news is I had NO IDEA something I clean around this house could STAY clean for as long as it has.  I might kinda grow to like this.  And, I might not have as many feathers in my nest these days...but sure as heck got a side-kick who just won't leave my side.  People let me tell ya 'bout my best friend...

"A Gal's Best Friend"

I'm pretty sure he's feeling sorry for me a I navigate my New Normal.  But I'm just going to go ahead and...let him.

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